Who We Are

Teltech Group is committed to leading the creation and deployment of innovative technological solutions that positively impact businesses. Since 1999, we have understood that technology can do more than help keep everyday business running smoothly – it can be the competitive differentiator for success.

Our diverse team of industry veterans have the expertise to transform networks, manage assets, implement new smart technology and provide alternative cost-effective solutions. Built upon a legacy of “doing it right the first time” and tackling challenges that fit our expertise, Teltech Group provides solutions in these key major areas:

  • Supply Chain Management including end-to-end lifecycle asset management, just in time supply chain delivery and overall supply chain optimization and recovery. Additionally, repair, exchange, repackaging, refurbishing, recycling and remanufacturing telecom products and services.
  • Professional and Engineering Support Services which includes staffing field personnel to support and deliver engineering, operations, construction, site acquisition and logistics support, along with project management, project accounting and more.
  • Emerging Technology Solutions including drone surveillance, distributive antennae systems, alternative energy solutions and smart city technology.

The world is changing, and Teltech Group continues to change with the environment. New strategic alliances, continual process improvement and a commitment to do it right the first time keeps us and our clients ahead of the competition and in step with the evolving technology environment. Our legacy wireless industry expertise has expanded into the oil/gas industry, government, disaster relief areas, healthcare and numerous other business fields.

We are ISO 9001 and TL9000 certified and dedicated to the highest standards of quality for both technology and customer service. While others talk about quality and environmental sustainability, Teltech Group lives it. Our asset management programs have saved our clients more than $375 million and our customer satisfaction rating is 4.8 on a scale of 1 to 5.

At Teltech Group, we are making our world better for everyone. As a certified Native American, woman-owned business, we believe in engaging all parts of our community — we know innovation can come from anywhere.

Why not explore what Teltech Group can create for you!