Who We Are


Teltech Group solves business challenges surrounding network asset management, warehousing and logistics, personnel expertise/shortages and practical utilization of evolving technologies.

Since 1999, we have successfully operated in the telecommunications industry delivering technology, asset management and technical support. Our legacy experience has led the way for work and success in other industries. We understand the need to bring simple solutions to complex challenges. People make technology work and our diverse team of industry veterans have the expertise to transform networks, manage assets, implement new smart technology and provide alternative cost-effective solutions. Built upon a tradition of “doing it right the first time” and tackling challenges that fit our expertise, Teltech Group provides solutions in these key major areas:

Asset Management
and Logistics

Including end-to-end lifecycle asset management, just in time supply chain delivery and overall supply chain optimization and recovery. Additionally, we repair, exchange, repackage, refurbish, recycle and remanufacture network equipment.
Our latest tool – Teltech Asset Management (TAM), a real-time, cloud/mobile technology, delivers a smarter and more visible way to track assets, optimize spare parts inventory, manage risks, handle asset decommissioning and disposition, processing RMAs and more.

Teltech Asset Management

Online Equipment Marketplace


Offers affordable multi-vendor electronic parts, as well as consignment and resell. The online catalog offers real value for the buyer and seller of electronic parts and equipment.

Support Services

Includes resources to support and deliver engineering, operations, construction, site acquisition and logistics support, along with project management, project accounting and more. Whether long-term, project-driven or short term, our experienced team assists solving the most critical and challenging situations.

Personalized Support Services

Evolving Technology Solutions


Bring the power of drones and solar/battery energy to bear on practical solutions for surveillance, site inspection, disaster response, remote location power and more.

The world is changing, and Teltech Group continues to change with the environment. New strategic alliances, continual process improvement and a commitment to do it right the first time keeps us and our clients ahead of the competition and in step with the evolving technology environment. Our legacy wireless industry expertise is bringing intelligent solutions to an expanded base of industries, including oil/gas, government, disaster relief responses, healthcare, utilities, education and manufacturing.

We are ISO 9001 and TL9000 certified and dedicated to the highest standards of quality for both technology and customer service. While others talk about quality and environmental sustainability, Teltech Group lives it.

At Teltech Group, we are making our world better for everyone. As a certified Native American, woman-owned business, we believe in engaging all parts of our community — we know innovation can come from anywhere. So, whether we are solving the toughest asset management and supply chain challenges or powering the next generation of practical solutions for the marketplace, we are here to make technology work better for you.