Strategic Aliances


Teltech Group has created an all-in-one tethered drone solution that is designed for aerial surveillance and data collection, which is ideal for use by law enforcement, disaster recovery, national security, private and public safety, emergency connectivity and more. The solution includes a tethered drone, satellite/broadband connectivity and a complete power source and management/collection system.

DataWing is part of the team that developed this total solution. Known for its high-tech development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones, DataWing is a vital partner in creating this exciting emerging technology solution. DataWing was established by U.S. Airforce pilots. Their systems deliver fast, efficient and accurate information where no location is out of reach.

The all-in-one tethered drone solution is ideal for a number of industries including telecom, oil and gas, construction, weather, disaster/emergency and insurance.

Warriors 4 Wireless

We are proud to work with Warriors 4 Wireless, a non-profit formed to bridge the gap between the demand for trained and deployable communication infrastructure technicians, and the thousands of qualified service men and women eager to transfer the skills they’ve learned in the military. The organization provides training, advanced certification and transitional support, giving veterans the building blocks they need for an exciting and fulfilling career in our rapidly growing industry.

This alliance was a natural fit for Teltech Group, since we needed trained technicians, understood the training required and could work with W4W to achieve goals that met the needs of both organizations. Since combining our efforts, we have helped train and deploy numerous veterans into the telecommunications industry.

Vecta Labs

We are very excited about our relationship with Vecta Labs, which supports the industry in the area of Pre-commissioning/Pre-deployment equipment testing.  Vecta Labs has developed and deployed a number of mobile test labs with anechoic chambers to perform a wide variety of RF testing whenever and wherever they are required.

This alliance has provided one of our largest customers and PIM testing solution that assisted in the identification of numerous design and process flaws which drove the first pass yield rate from below 70% to around 95%.   We believe this solution has applications throughout the industry and provides a significant return on our clients’ investment.