Frequently Asked Questions

What does Teltech Group do?

Teltech has evolved its core business offerings over the past 20+ years, and today presents a wide variety of activities in the End-To-End Supply Chain including Logistics/Warehousing, Equipment/Material Sales, End-to-End Asset Management, Transportation management/planning and emerging technology offerings. Our Forward Logistics and Equipment/Material Sales (new and consignment) businesses provide Pick/Pack/Ship, Light Manufacturing (including kitting and pre-assembly activities), Configuration/Integration and overflow 3PL services to the Telecom Industry. We offer new, used, recovered and refurbished equipment through resale or consignment models. Our Reverse Logistics business provides end-to-end asset management optimization, spare parts management, harvesting, returns and repair management. Teltech provides pre-deployment equipment testing via our North Carolina facility and our strategic relationship with Vecta. Our Resource support services provides experienced, knowledgeable staff members to meet clients need for project management, logistics support, consulting, and project coordination. Our evolving technologies division offers solar and fuel cell power solutions and sUAS drone audits, surveillance, emergency response capability and disaster response solutions.

How do I request assistance from customer support?

Customer support is just a click away!
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What certifications does Teltech Group have?

Teltech’s main Grand Junction warehouses (Crossing & Legacy) are ISO 9001 and TL 9000 certified and have a documented management system consisting of policies, processes and work instructions. All QMS documentation is version controlled, regularly audited and updated. All employees have access to these documents and undergo basic quality training. Employees participate in the review of the work instructions and identification of hazards. Teltech employees are empowered and trained to do quality checks on product and packaging and follow procedures to ensure any defective product is identified and segregated. The QMS undergoes annual internal audit and external audit by independent qualified 3rd parties. Teltech’s main Grand Junction warehouse is certified to Occupational Health and Safety standard ISO 45001 and to the Environmental standard ISO 14001. Our Environmental and Sustainability practices were recently recognized by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) with the 2019 award for outstanding Sustainability Practices in Field Services.

National Minority Supplier Development Council (SBE) - Certificate DL02773 (Expires 10/31/2020)
WBENC National Women's Business Enterprise Certification - Certificate 234820 (expires 4/30/2020)
WBENC Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) - Certification WOSB171053 (expires 4/30/2020)
Supplier Clearinghouse - Women/Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE) - Certificate 3KS00009 (expires 4/30/2020)
Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) - certificate 1841516801400 (expires 10/31/2020)

Where is Teltech Group located?

We are located in Frisco, Farmers Branch, Coppell, Grand Junction and Raleigh.
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How do you handle the return process?

Teltech developed our Teltech Asset Management (TAM) Tool as a web-based application to capture and track all field returns for a Tier 1 Carrier and it has been operating with positive feedback from the Customer for over 1 year. TAM allows Field Techs or Contractors to initiate the Returns Process via a smart phone, tablet or laptop. It generates shipping labels for the return material (RMAs), tracks the assets throughout the return process, tracks OEM warranties and repairs and OEM returns back to usable inventory. We are currently supporting volumes in the range of 5,000 to 7,000 per month, however we have the experience and history to ramp to significantly higher volumes with minimal leadtime.

For example, during a major network upgrade for our current Tier 1 Carrier a few years ago, we were supporting return volumes of 50,000 to 70,000 per month and ramped the space and resources required to support these volumes in a minimized timeframe.   We were then able flex both to support the fluctuating volumes over a 3-year period to ensure SLA performance and minimize overall cost impact to our Customer.  

How do you track shipments and forecast dates?

All orders/shipments are tracked via transportation carrier tracking information within our order management system. We currently provide email push notifications for all shipments to recipient and order management desk, including operational leadership.

Do you have ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification?

Teltech is ISO 14001 Certified. Our Environmental and Sustainability practices were recently recognized by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) with the 2019 award for outstanding Sustainability Practices in Field Services.

Asset Management and Logistics

How can Teltech help me repurpose/reuse/refurbish/recycle my assets?

Teltech has performed several harvesting projects for our Tier 1 Clients that includes extraction of resaleable and reusable equipment, including the recycling of end-of-life material. Teltech has disassembled cabinets, racks, and BOMs in order harvest child assets for resale/reuse and re-kitting. Teltech has harvested equipment from well over 20,000 cell sites over the past few years.

Is Teltech Group able to help me with my warehousing and logistics challenges?

Teltech provides a full suite of E2E logistics services focused on: Forward Logistics, Material Procurement, Inbound logistics, Warehousing (National, Regional and Project Warehouse), Transportation (Including Freight Brokering and Transportation Management), Distribution (Long-Haul Freight through Final Mile Deliveries), Reverse Logistics (Claims, RMAs, Refurbish and Redeploy), Asset Management (Resell of redeploy and excess assets), Resource Augmentation (Order Management, Logistics and Professional Engineering Services).

Online Equipment Marketplace

What kind of OEM parts does Teltech Group have?

Teltech has in stock or can acquire most all OEM parts from the largest OEMs to the more specialized vendors. Please visit our online store to see inventory or request a quote.

What should I do if I can’t find the OEM parts I need?

Please select the Contact US button on the website or Phone: (469) 713-3801 or email either address below:

Resource Support Services

What kind of projects can Teltech Group help me support with regards to staffing?

Teltech offers a diverse team of qualified and experienced personnel that enables us to solve business challenges surrounding project staffing needs, technology/technical support requirements and project management. We provide professionals with experience in the following discipline: Logistics, program and project management, RF engineering, Site acquisition, project coordination and accounting, network construction managers and tower hands to name a few.

How can Teltech Group support my business with logistics services?

Teltech is a Full Service Forward & Reverse Logistics Provider and has offerings that include 3PL services, but our focus is on a much greater Customer experience. We have asset based capabilities in Colorado, Texas and North Carolina, and multiple proven partnerships with "Market Warehouses" and "Last Mile Delivery" within the continental U.S. Our partners have a history of supporting Telecom related projects and provide services that reflect true equipment inventory management, site kitting and transport for "Last Mile Delivery."

Evolving Technologies

What is an Unmanned Aircraft System?

Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) means an unmanned aircraft and the equipment to control it remotely.

Is it possible to take pictures and measurements with the drones?

Yes, there are many software applications available depending on the problem you are trying to solve. Some of the areas that drones can address are the following:

  • Cell tower audits
  • Security surveillance
  • Emergency response including SAR
  • Facilitation of communications and broadcast
  • Small package and bulk cargo transport
  • Visual, spectral and thermal examination of structures
  • Monitoring of linear network infrastructure such as railway tracks, power lines and pipelines
  • Photography and cartographic survey
  • Agricultural fertilizer and chemical application
  • Aircraft external maintenance inspection
  • Atmospheric research

Are these solutions available in remote locations?

Yes, they can be transported to any location.

What type of alternative power solutions can you provide?

We have many different solar solutions available for full cell site powering to mobile solutions used in oil and gas fields. We have multiple designs that are built for each specific location and application. Our expandable solar arrays can be ground, skid, pole or roof mounted. We also offer solutions for off-grid and emergency uses.

Which types of industries do you support?

Teltech has a long history of supporting many different entities across the globe. We support everything from Telecom, oil and gas, real estate, large OEMs, Federal government, global research and development companies, National Institute of Technology and Standards, alternative energy, local counties and state governments.

Describe your Safety/OSHA program/processes?

Our safety program is certified to ISO 45001 and was noted as a Best Practice by Orion Registrar in 2019. Teltech's Safety program is led by a Director of Health & Safety and a dedicated warehouse safety manager. The safety manager conducts regular safety meetings with employees. Weekly OSHA compliant training is held for all employees and regular safety drills are conducted. All warehouses are equipped with OSHA compliant safety equipment and PPE. All new employees undergo an onboarding safety training. All forklift drivers are trained, tested, licensed and undergo a trial period.

What are the top 3 to 5 trends you see in the logistics industry?

The top trends in the logistics industry are: 1. The use of technology such as 5G/IoT to drive automation, which has de-emphasized labor; 2. Next generation tools to manage supply chains such as Blockchain, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and data analytics tools to manage the explosion of data; 3. Transparency across the Supply Chain to have real-time track and trace of products and real-time visibility to KPIs and data that is driving the Supply Chain.

What are the top 3-5 trends you see in the telecom wireless industry?

The top trends in the telecom wireless industry are: 1. The implementation of 5G in the market such that 5G deployments will be driving the market for the next 3+ years; 2. Consolidation through merger of the current wireless landscape that will create the opening for a new wireless player; 3. With 5G implementations, the wireless telecom market will go beyond the traditional “carriers” as new market entrants will need to be managed such as utilities, smart cities participants, IoT players; 4. The deployment of 5G will cause an explosion of cell site counts across the US, focused on significant small cell deployments.

Trusted Partner

A Trusted Partner - Teltech is a trusted supply chain partner. We are experts at managing inventory, forward and reverse logistics, RMAs, transportation and have a proven track record of “right first time,” on-time, every time. Teltech has expanded its offerings to include evolving technologies such as drone services for audits, surveillance, monitoring and disaster recovery with a tethered drone – Cell on Wings solution, and solar solutions for off grid locations and solar arrays that can be pole, roof, ground or skid mounted. With multiple locations throughout the country staffed with experienced personnel and state of the art technology, Teltech is ready to meet our customers’ needs.