Teltech Core Capabilities and Competencies

Teltech Group has delivered successful technology solutions to customers since 1999. Our success has been focused on the utilization of our core experience and capabilities matched with a drive to continually improve processes and results. We remain dedicated to our legacy skillsets, while expanding our reach into areas where our understanding and expertise allow us to anticipate needs and react to the challenges customers face in the fast-growing, everchanging technology environment. This has allowed the Teltech Group to expand into a variety of industries and enterprises. Our Core Capabilities and Competencies include:

Smart Emerging Technologies

Teltech Group drives creative technology solutions by relying on our core competency experience, evaluating various scenarios and challenges of our clients and researching emerging technologies to meet our client’s needs. Teltech is able to anticipate our customer’s needs, react to the challenges that come from a fast-growing industry and deliver results. We have evolved our legacy capabilities into new and exciting areas of network and technology opportunities. This ever-changing arena has led to several new service offerings:

  • Drone surveillance and tower inspections
  • — Tower climbing is one of the most dangerous telecommunications job. Through the use of drones some of this danger can be alleviated when operators need to inspect and audit tower structures. The safer collection of high-resolution imagery and video of tower structures and equipment by drones allows operators to quickly identify and verity tower equipment specifications and damage.

  • Distributed Antennae Systems (DAS) or small cell deployment
  • – is fast expanding beyond arenas and buildings into the overall planning and execution of Smart Cities. DAS is a way to is a way to deal with isolated spots of poor network coverage. Teltech Group provides deployment experience to assist in planning, placement and installation of DAS where it is needed.

  • Smart Cities technology
  • – is one of the areas of constant, rapid evolution in the world of technology. With technology solutions touching cyber security, Bid Data, 5Gl, Internet of Things (IoT) and more, Teltech is at the forefront of keeping pace with the changes and the opportunities to create, deploy and manage Smart City technology elements. Our team continues to stay abreast of the changes and attended a Smart City Think Tank session in 2017 to see what new and exciting solutions would soon be available to the marketplace.

Asset Management

We manage client assets, so they can focus on growing their business. The management of client assets has been a core service offering of Teltech Group since its inception in 1999. We oversee the segregation of equipment between Reuse/Refurbish/Resale/Recycle. Our solutions help customers optimize their financial return from their excess and decommissioned equipment, while ensuring the least impact on the environment.

Teltech Group full life-cycle asset management services include:

  • Inventory management
  • Multi-vendor equipment refurbishing
  • Spare parts management and kitting
  • Multi-vendor reselling and consignment (online store)
  • Logistics management
  • Forward and reverse logistics handling
  • Pre-commissioning/pre-deployment equipment testing
  • Legacy network asset management and optimization

Our process involves determining the best possible outcome for the equipment and our customer:

  • Preparing a piece of equipment for reuse back out into the field
  • Refurbishing for resale (including finding buyers on your behalf)
  • Scraping the equipment at its lowest point and zero landfill impact

Engineering and Professional Services Support

Engineering and Professional Services Support is one of the four core capabilities that forms the foundation of what we do. Teltech Group engineers and professionals are in the field, part of client teams and assisting internal administration and project management.

Teltech Group’s engineering and professional services

provide a wide variety of solutions in multiple disciplines including engineering, operations, construction, logistics, and strategic planning. By anticipating the client’s needs, Teltech can properly deliver custom-tailored solutions and strategic planning specific to the customer’s needs.

Telecom engineering solutions span multiple wireless and broadband technologies including CDMA, UMTS, GSM, WiFi, and WiMAX voice and data networks. We provide services throughout all the stages of the network life cycle.  Our aim is to be your first choice for network services.

Professional Staff Augmentation

is a critical aspect of our solution set for our clients in the area of engineering and professional services.   Resources are researched, recruited, hired and placed in the following areas:

o   Project Management and Construction Management
o   Site Acquisition Management
o   Project Coordination
o   Project Accounting
o   Logistics and Warehouse Management
o   Order Fulfilment

Project Administration Support

Teltech is equipped to provide expert services for network capital projects, whether they be greenfield, capacity or coverage construction, including project management of switch/cell site acquisition and development, engineering (including RF engineering), procurement and contracts management. Our approach is to create solutions incorporating environmental sustainability and cost savings to give our customers the ideal outcome.

Administration services include

  • Program and project management
  • Sourcing and procurement

Alternative Energy Solutions

The Teltech Group Genesis Green division was founded in 2013 to provide environmentally-conscious, optimized asset recovery solutions for our clients. An R2/Rios (Responsive Recycling/Recycle Industry Operating Standard) certified entity, attests to our commitment that electronics equipment is being recycled with the highest standards for environmental control, worker health and safety and data and facility security.

Genesis Green has evolved into an onsite solar and mobile power solutions entity, implementing unique “plug and play” solutions for rapid deployment in any environment. Our mission is to deliver the “power of the sun” in a simple, dependable package.

Onsite Solar

solution is a cost-effective, ground-mount solar power solution available for any size off-grid installation. Each rapid deployment unit is built to withstand 90 MPH winds and is rugged enough for any conditions. The unique “plug and play” design makes it possible to be up and running in hours rather than weeks. Every unit can provide power to critical systems for 24 hours a day via top-of-the-line, maintenance free batteries. With minimal site preparation, the units can be deployed faster than any comparable unit on the market with nothing more than two installers and a forklift.

GSA Schedule – GS-35F-0025S

Teltech was awarded a GSA Schedule in October 2005. This allows federal procurement officers to order equipment without having to go through a bidding process. As a supplier to the Federal Government, the GSA Schedule makes it easier for federal procurement to obtain the equipment they want at predetermined pricing and on a timely basis. Teltech Group provides support and assistance for discerning the right solutions to meet federal government needs.

The GSA Schedule covers IT solutions and electronics, software and services, as well as disaster recovery technology. The contract is open to use by federal, state and local government officials.