Teltech Group: Evolution from Legacy to Emerging Technology

Teltech Group is a technology-driven firm helping to enhance supply chains, deliver engineering and operational testing solutions and deploy new technologies for companies focused on achieving a competitive edge.With the proliferation of electronics that touch every part of our lives and continual electronics upgradations, there is a growing need for businesses to manage assets, minimize deployment costs, capture waste while maximizing dollars and responsibly reducing impact upon our environment. Teltech Group works with businesses to understand and alleviate pain points associated with their technology upgrades and disposal.

Who are your typical customers?
The internet of things (IoT) is a convergence of devices to connect, collect, and exchange data. Our customers are IoT agnostic and vary from Tier 1 to Tier 3 wireless service providers to top OEMs and industry-specific businesses upgrading their technology footprint. We work with them and their legacy network components to Reuse, Refurbish, Resale, Recycle assets. We remain dedicated to our legacy skill-sets, which allow us to understand client needs and react to the challenges they face in the fast-growing, ever-changing technology environment. This has allowed us to expand in a variety of industries and enterprises. We also help our customers understand where their legacy assets are and how they can manage them best.

What are the capabilities that you deliver?
Since 1999, we have been managing clients’ assets enabling them to focus on growing their businesses. This has been our core service offering since the beginning. We oversee the segregation of equipment between Reuse/Refurbish/Resale/ Recycle. Our solutions help customers optimize their financial return from excess and decommissioned equipment while ensuring the least impact on the environment.We are constantly connected with all the carriers, which makes us capable of pursuing any upcoming opportunity and deliver our capabilities. We can anticipate the customer’s needs, react to the challenges that come from a fast-growing industry and provide suitable results. We have evolved our legacy capabilities into new and exciting areas of network and technology opportunities.There is a growing need for managing assets to minimize their impact on the earth, air, and water.

Our solutions help customers optimize their financial return from their excess and decommissioned equipment, while ensuring the least impact on the environment

A part of our commitment to responsible asset management is focused on ensuring a zero-landfill impact. Teltech Group is certified as an ISO 140001 entity and practices Reuse/Refurbish/Recycle as a sustainable practice. We manage over 350,000 square feet of warehouse space in Colorado, Texas, and North Carolina where we store, consolidate, and break down materials and have a proven track record of more than 100 million pounds of landfill avoidance. In addition, our team works diligently with our clients to recapture and share the profits of asset resale.

What are the factors that differentiate Teltech in the marketplace?
We are a customer-centric company that always responds to the clients’ needs. We always act aggressively, while addressing their pain points. Our team doesn’t need to go through a ‘vetting’ process, as is the case of other companies. We are very nimble when a customer calls and informs us that they need a warehouse space quickly, and we can take care of that need in a swift manner. We don’t have to operationalize scheduling or any other process that may incur time.Additionally, we are focused on resolving environmental issues. We can salvage the materials and initiate landfills, which enable us to create new parts and products.

What are some of the emerging technology solutions that you deliver?
Teltech Group’s expertise in the legacy wireless industry has expanded into oil/gas, government, healthcare, and numerous other business fields. The company offers alternative cost-saving energy solutions, smart emerging technologies and professional engineering services support. Through new strategic alliances and continual process improvement, Teltech ensures that its clients steer ahead of the competition and are in step with the evolving technology environment.Our industry has been known for a significant number of fatalities per year for tower climbers. Using drones, we can collect high-resolution imagery and video of tower structures and equipment, safely and remotely. Drones allow operators to quickly identify tower equipment specifications and damage. We are currently collaborating with one of the largest OEMs to deliver these services nationwide.We also provide engineering and professional services to deliver a broad variety of solutions in multiple disciplines, including engineering, operations, construction, logistics, and strategic planning. By anticipating the client’s needs, we deliver custom-tailored solutions and strategic planning specific to the customer’s requirements. The telecom engineering solutions span across multiple wireless and broadband technologies, including CDMA, UMTS, GSM, WiFi, and WiMAX voice, along with data networks. We provide services throughout all the stages of the network lifecycle.

How has 2018 been for the company and what does the future look like?
2018 has been a successful year, and we are heading toward another one in 2019. We have been able to restructure our focus on the core competencies of the company. One of the things that we are good at is paying attention to the customers’ needs, and we honestly believe that this is the main reason for our success.Going forward, we will continue to work with clients, transforming technologies along with operationalizing testing and kitting. We will focus on solutions that can adapt to new and emerging technologies.


Published in CIO Applications Magazine – Top 10 Enterprise Asset Management Solution Providers – 2018