Teltech Group Joins WIA

The Teltech Group has recently become a member of the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA).

The WIA is composed of the businesses that develop, build, own and operate the nation’s wireless infrastructure. Its members include wireless carriers, infrastructure providers, and professional services firms that collectively own and operate telecommunications facilities around the globe. In addition to educational and major networking events, the WIA is actively engaged in educating and advocating on behalf of the membership with public policy makers to ensure responsible deployment of wireless infrastructure across the country.

“We are committed to leading and participating in technology solutions for today and tomorrow,” said Lisa Hanlon, CEO of Teltech Group. “Being a part of the WIA gives us the opportunity to network and keep abreast of deployment and connectivity solutions by its broad base of members.”

Founded in 1999, Teltech Group has been engaged in the telecom industry and providing creative technology solutions since its inception. As the industry has evolved, so has Teltech. With a strong emphasis on transforming networks, managing.  assets, implementing new smart technology and providing alternative cost-effective solutions, the WIA is an optimum organization for Teltech.

“WIA includes a number of our current clients,” said Jimmy Taylor, President of Teltech Group. “It is a smart business decision for us. We can work with our clients and industry experts to ensure optimal ecosystem solutions for wireless connectivity.”

Strategic alliances, continual process improvement and a commitment to keep clients ahead of the competition and in step with the evolving technology environment is all part of Teltech’s decision to become a member of the Wireless Infrastructure Association. Teltech Group is thrilled to be a part of a dynamic organization building and enhancing the global wireless infrastructure.