Teltech Group Creates an ”All-in-One” Tethered Drone Technology Solution

Aerial surveillance and wireless connectivity continues to be an important part of telecommunications and Emergency Response situations and Teltech Group has developed an all-in-one Tethered Drone solution that enables both visual and telecommunications in times of disaster. Strategically aligned with DataWing the team recently presented their solution to several company and government representatives interested in better and more solidified aerial surveillance and communication solutions.
The Teltech team is composed of experts in aerial data collection, alternative power solutions and satellite/broadband connectivity. Together, they developed an all-in-one Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) which includes a tethered drone, broadband/satellite connectivity, complete power source and management/collection system. The UAS is designed for extended periods of aerial surveillance and data collection, which is ideally suited for wireless telecommunications, law enforcement, disaster recovery, national security, private and public safety, emergency connectivity and more.
“We were recently able to demonstrate one of our new emerging technology solutions,” said Rick Benson, Director of Research and Development at Teltech Group. “While others have portions of the solution, we believe our all-encompassing tethered UAS solution helps address communication and surveillance needs in a variety of industries and situations.”
As Steven Fargo, CEO of DataWing remarked “We saw first-hand the need for this technology following the devastating hurricane season last year.  DataWing is proud to participate in the development and implementation of this truly unique solution that will vastly lower the risk of communication loss after a catastrophic event.”
Teltech developed their tethered drone solution to ensure a fully operational system even in disaster situations. The system can collect data, help determine environmental conditions and spot maintenance/operational requirements in hazardous and otherwise unaccusable areas. The solution is targeted to a number of industries including telecom, oil and gas, construction, weather, disaster/emergency and insurance.
For further information and/or live demonstration of the All-in-One UAS, contact Teltech Group at 972.466.0480.

About the Team
The Teltech Group is composed of a diverse team of industry experts from an alliance of three different companies – Teltech Group and DataWing. Each has strong skillsets that made the all-in-one tethered solution possible.
Tehtech Group is a leader in emerging technology deployment, utilization of innovative UAVs and alternative “green energy” power solutions. They are industry veterans in network connectivity and management/operational infrastructure solutions.
DataWing was established by U.S. Air Force pilots committed to the utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones to collect and analyze data. Their systems deliver fast, efficient and accurate information where no location is out of reach.