Teltech Group Increases Asset Management Footprint

Teltech Group and Phoenix Telecom Solutions Reach Agreement on Strategic Sourcing Acquisition.

Carrollton, Texas (PR WEB) March 21, 2018 

In a move that benefits both companies, Teltech Group and Phoenix Telecom Solutions reached an agreement for Teltech to acquire certain assets associated with the Phoenix strategic sourcing division. The transaction means Teltech Group will now have additional resources under its purview and will expand their asset management footprint and Phoenix will now be able to focus on its professional services business activities.

“This transaction expands Teltech’s asset management division,” said Lisa Hanlon, CEO of Teltech Group. “We have a strong history of providing end-to-end lifecycle management of assets, especially in the telecom industry. This provides us an expanded parts inventory and increased customer base for quick turnaround of reused and recycled parts.”

Teltech Group has managed assets in the telecom industry since 1999 and has grown this portion of the business significantly. The increased volume compliments an already growing portion of Teltech Group. It allows added economies of scale for process handling and spare parts sales opportunities. For OEMs wanting to improve delivery cycle time both to the field and to their customer base without increasing costs, the added inventory allows Teltech Group to meet those needs. In addition, Teltech Group’s handling of recycled and disposed parts continues to save clients’ money ($375 million to date) and meet their zero-landfill goal.

Phoenix Telecom Solutions strategic direction has evolved to be more focused on professional services, including engineering, technical, construction and installation services. Phoenix Telecom Solutions leads with engineering services knowing that every successful project begins with carefully executed engineering.

“We believe that to continue our growth we must be focused on the growing professional services business segment” said Doug Theobald, CEO of Phoenix Telecom Solutions. “We want to continue to grow our expertise in designing, installing and upgrading the nation’s networks and leverage the skill sets we have developed within the company over the years.“

The acquisition is effective immediately. Teltech Group has secured warehousing and personnel to handle the additional product and are excited to move forward. Both companies have known and worked together on various projects and will continue to collaborate to handle joint projects into the future.

About Teltech Group

Since 1999, Teltech Communications (now Teltech Group) has been successfully implementing customized solutions to meet customer needs. Teltech grew out of the need to create solutions to the problems impacting our clients in the fast paced, ever changing telecommunications industry. A worldwide supplier of communications solutions for network, wireless and wireline equipment and related services, Teltech is a leader deploying legacy and next generation telecommunications networks. Teltech Group transforms complex business challenges into strategic competitive advantages. Headquartered in Carrolton, Texas with two additional locations in Grand Junction, CO, Teltech is a nationally certified Native American and women-owned business. The firm is ISO 9001, TL9000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified. For more information please visit or contact us at 972.466.0480.

About Phoenix Telecom Solutions

Phoenix Telecom Solutions is a national provider of engineering, design, construction and maintenance services for wireline and wireless networks supporting the industry’s leading OEM’s and carriers, as they work together to meet the rapidly expanding capacity needs of communications today.  Phoenix provides the highest value services and standard of excellence in all they do, while continuously improving technical and management capabilities to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology environment. For further information visit or call 888.277.5242.